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Ways to Give

Without the support of our patrons, we could not do this lifesaving work

We couldn't do this lifesaving work without you! Your help is so precious, and we welcome any support that you can and are willing to provide! Whether you want to visit the sanctuary to volunteer, provide a monetary donation to help support the critters, spend a day with the animals for fun, sponsor an animal with an ongoing monthly donation, help with fundraisers, or host a special event, we welcome you with open arms.

Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization #45-3837591


Go Vegan

The animals we care for would have otherwise become someone's meal.


Save lives with your choices.

Go Vegan.

Share the


One person can make a huge difference for the animals by sharing their stories and encouraging others to go vegan.




Choose locally-grown produce whenever you can; it tastes better & is better for the planet.

Strut Your Stuff

Shop Saving Grace Gear

100% of the profits goes directly to support the animals at Saving Grace, paying for their feed, their shelter, their medical care, and more! Stay stylish with beautiful new hoodies, face masks, tank tops, & more!

Save a Life

Sponsor an Animal

Have you fallen in love with one of the residents at Saving Grace? Perhaps you're looking for a great gift for the animal lover in your family? Whatever your reason, sponsoring an animal is a way to directly support someone who you've connected with at the sanctuary. Sponsorships start at just $5.


Thank you for choosing to support Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) non-profit farm animal sanctuary that is dedicated to saving the lives of animals whose fate would have otherwise lied in abuse, neglect, and death.

Saving Grace has rescued dozens of animals from these fates and we could not do it without your help. The sanctuary is funded entirely by donations from generous individuals like you.

From food, to shelters, to emergency veterinary care, and preventative medicine, there is a lot that goes into keeping Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary running, so every little bit counts! Thank you so much for being a hero to animals with your donation!

We make the same promise to our donors that we do to the residents here at the sanctuary: the animals always come first. You can be assured that 100% of your donation will always go toward the safety and well-being of the animals here in the sanctuary. All donations are tax-deductible; we're happy to provide tax receipts upon request. 

Thank you for your generosity in making sure that love wins out over cruelty.

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