Steve, or Lil' Stevie, isn't so little anymore! Steve joined the sanctuary on April 8, 2015 at just two days old after his mother rejected him. After surviving emergency surgery just hours after being born, Stevie was bottle fed here at Saving Grace until he was old enough to move into his permanent shelter. As you can see, his early troubles didn't stunt his growth. Stevie is one of our more playful animals, so definitely keep an eye (or two) out for him as you tour the sanctuary!



Meet Laurel, the black sheep of the family (but we don't hold that against her). Laurel spends her days with Steve and our female goats, Harriet and Vivien, but you can often see all four of them wandering around the sanctuary unsupervised. Laurel is a little more shy than her sheep and goat friends, but if you approach slow, she may let you say hi.