Rufus, one of the sanctuary's most personable ambassadors, spends his days playing with his donkey brother, Bruce. Rufus is one of the most friendly animals at the sanctuary, and won't pass up an opportunity to get a few scratches behind his ears. Utilizing his classic donkey stubbornness, he even stands still waiting for attention when he's in the way! If you're looking for an afternoon of animal affection, Rufus is your man.


Meet Gus, one of the sanctuary's two brown donkeys. Before calling Saving Grace home, he was used as a practice roping target for rodeo competitions. He was the shyest donkey when he first came to the sanctuary (and who can blame him considering his previous interaction with humans?) but he has since realized that he is safe at home and is warming up to being loved by visitors. You can tell Gus from Rufus, the other brown donkey, by his "torn" left ear.


Bruce, known affectionately as the "velcro donkey" is one of the sweetest animals you will ever meet. Always up for a scratch behind the ear or to lend a hand with cleanup, Bruce makes sure you know he's there. Once you get to know him, its hard to believe that he was once a wild burro. After being rounded up by the Bureau of Land Management and freeze branded (you can still see the remnants of his tattoo on his neck), he found his way to Saving Grace. Come say hi to Bruce (and he wouldn't mind if you brought some apples or carrots as well)!


Don't let her size fool you! Grace may be the "mini" donkey here at the sanctuary, but she likes to believe she's the big boss. She has no problem telling her brothers to stay in line, and she makes sure to let you know if you're taking too long to feed her. 


While most people would say Saving Grace has four donkeys, we actually have four and a half! Half donkey, half horse, and all mule, Lola is one of the hallmarks of the sanctuary. Though she can be shy around visitors, she never turns down a treat if you're willing to buy her affection! If you ask nicely, she may even reward you with one of her trademarked smiles!

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