Meet the Animals

that call Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary their home

The residents at Saving Grace come from a variety of different backgrounds. However, they all share a common theme: each one of them would have suffered a fate of abuse, neglect, or death if they had not found a home at Saving Grace. Many of them would have actually ended up on someone's plate as a meal. But they have found refuge and protection in their forever home at Saving Grace, where we cherish them for who they are --as individuals-- and allow them the freedom to live their entire natural life in peace.

Sadly, thousands of animals just like the ones that call Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary their home are not so lucky. Each of our residents shares their stories on behalf of those who never found a loving home. Click below to learn more about the animals here at Saving Grace.

Waist-High Horses

Mini Horses

Come meet Cloud, Rascal, Shorty, and Tucker (the resident escape artist).

A Calming Presence


Come meet Grace, Bruce, Lola, Gus, and Rufus, the tender donkeys.

Majestic Souls


Come meet the dignified horses, Topper and April (our blind horse)

Gentle Giants


Come meet our dynamic duo cows, Gary and Frank; these gentle giants will astound you.



Come meet Charlotte Rose and Georgie Boy, (and Francis Marie in the Tortoise Section)

Silly, Curious, Fun


Come meet Winston, Arthur, Batman, and Vivien, our fun, pouncing goats

Inquisitive Floofs


Come meet our Apollo, Sebastian, and Wuzbear (whose name "was" bear)

Shy, Gentle Sweeties


Come meet Laurel and little Stevie (who is not at all little).

Feathered Lap Loves

Chickens & Roosters

Come meet Lucky the rooster, plus Patty, Maxine, Rosemary, Thelma, & Juanita

Speed Racer


Come meet "Frank and Beans" who are actually a tortoise pig married couple.

Skittish Fluffies


Come meet Lawrence Actonious Belvedere the 3rd (or "Tony").

Purring Sweeties


Come meet Debbie and Doris, the sweetest turkey girls you've ever met.

Correctional Center


Come meet Olaf, Humphry, and Ernie in our correctional facility.