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Meet the Bunnies

Lawrence Actonious Belvedere the 3rd "Tony"

Meet Tony, AKA Lawrence Actonious Belvedere III, the sanctuary's spunky little black bunny. Tony came to Saving Grace from a high kill shelter in the Antelope Valley. Thousands of bunnies end up in dangerous situations like Tony's each year. 

Tony spends his days hanging out with the silky chickens and his bunny friend, Louisa. Stop by to meet Tony!

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Gone but Never Forgotten


Louisa, the gray bunny here at the sanctuary, is one of the sweetest animals you may ever meet (that is if she's not feeling too shy for visitors). During the hot days of summer, Louisa and her bunny friend Tony spend their days in their underground bunny hutch, which stays a cool 75 degrees, even when its triple digits up above!

Betty White

12/13/2020 - Last night we said good-bye to this beautiful girl, Betty White. Yesterday was a tough day.

At lunchtime, when Kathy went in to feed the bunnies and chickens lunch Betty didn't come running out as she usually did. Betty was always so cute. Whenever Kathy would go into the aviary, Betty would come running over to her, sit up, and put her little front paws together. Kathy liked to think Betty was running to greet her, but actually, it was probably that she wanted snacks.

But whatever the reason, Betty was adorable.

But yesterday she was hiding in a place she didn't normally go. But she did eat a little of her lunch. Betty was examined. It wasn't good. Although a specific diagnosis wasn't given it was thought to possibly be a neurological issue/infection. Betty was given fluids and a strong antibiotic injection. We were provided more syringes with the antibiotic to give to her once a day. We were told 'we are hoping she'll make it, but we don't know'. 

As Dr. Rachael was starting to drive out, Regina (who, as always, had our backs and took care of the sanctuary as we dealt with these issues) came running out of the volunteer room and said "I think she's gone." Dr. Rachael jumped out of her truck to go see. Yes, it was true. In that short time, Betty left.

Although you were only here for just under six months, you made a huge impact on us little girl.

We are in shock and devastated.



06/25/2020 - Please welcome our newest resident! This beautiful little girl was brought to us today. She is believed to be about 2 years old.  She was left with people who couldn't care for her, so she was brought to us. Since her rescue, Betty has become besties Tony. She has come out of her shell, teaching us that she is quite the social girl. When you walk into the aviary, she usually comes hopping out from wherever she is to say 'hi!'.


We miss Peter dearly. This section is under construction and more info about Peter and his life at Saving Grace is coming soon.

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