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Meet the Rooster & Chickens


Like Helga and Flower, Lucky was also rescued by a courageous volunteer from a local slaughterhouse. Lucky has a distinct feature among the roosters here at Saving Grace - his upper beak has been trimmed. This painful procedure was done to keep him from pecking the other chickens he was confined with at the slaughterhouse. Its just one of the many cruel things that the agricultural industry does to animals in the name of convenience.

With those dark days behind him, Lucky prefers to spend his days hanging out with his goat pals. You can often find him lounging with Winston or challenging Niblet to a headbutting contest (Niblet always lets him win). 


Meet Patty, one of our white rescued Japanese Silkie chickens. She is almost always found beside her right-hand gal, Maxine. And although these girls act as chickens typically do, they look a lot more like cotton balls with 80's style perm hair do's.

Patty loves to be held and cuddled. She resides in the chicken and bunny house with her fluffy friends.


Meet Maxine, the second half of the dynamic duo of our white rescued Japanese Silkie chickens. Like her bestie, Maxine loves to be held. You can't imagine just how soft this special chicken is. We know she looks soft...but until you feel how light and small she is, you won't truly know what we know at the bottom of our hearts: Maxine is part cotton ball.

So come by, say hello and cuddle with some of the cutest animals you've ever seen!

Miss Rosemary, Thelma Lou, & Juanita

11/23/2020 - The girls are finally home! After being vet checked and cleared to go, Miss Rosemary, Thelma Lou, and Juanita are out of quarantine and were moved into the aviary. (These were the emergency rescue chickens we took in two weeks ago.)

But not before Erich and Laurie spent the afternoon refurbishing the previously occupied chicken house that will now be their new home. The house is solid, safe, and warm. And with a purple border!

The ladies are separated from the other aviary residents (silkie chickens- Daisy and Patty and bunnies- Betty and Tony) until we can determine that everyone will be safe.

Here are the ladies having a little pre-dinner snack.

Help us feed and care for the Bunnies with a one-time or monthly donation

Gone, but Not Forgotten

Minnie & Daisy

Mini and Daisy are also Japanese silkies, and complete the quartet of lady chickens at the sanctuary.

All of the silkies came from a breeder who was not able to care for them. Saving Grace stepped in to give them all loving homes, and now they spend their days squawking and pecking from the comfort of their penthouse!

11/22/2020 ~ This morning we said "good-bye" to the beautiful and sweet Silkie Chicken, Minnie. She just celebrated her 6th anniversary here. She wasn't big on being held. But if on the rare occasion you were lucky enough to hold her, she would just snuggle in and sometimes carry on a full conversation with you. Goodbye sweet girl, you will be deeply missed.

Memories shared by Minnie's friends:

Until you have had a chicken, it is hard to understand how much personality they can have. My heart is with you. - Alice H.

I’m so sorry she was a lucky girl to have found you  - Randi L.

Oh Minnie RIP sweet little peep (6 years ) she had a fabulous home thank you for all the love and giving her the loving home she had. Forever grateful. - Pam C.

Read more Minnie memories on Facebook here.

Helga & Flower

Don't be fooled by the names, Helga and Flower are two of the three male roosters here at the sanctuary. Rescued by a group of local volunteers, Helga and Flower were taken from a slaughterhouse with just minutes to spare. After a brief stint in fabulous Hollywood apartment, they made it to the sanctuary just in time for Thanksgiving in 2017. 

Despite being caged in a slaughterhouse for much of their young lives, Helga and Flower are two of the most lovable, social roosters you'll ever meet. When you come to the sanctuary, don't pass up the opportunity to get a lap dance - sit with them in their pen and they'll climb right up on your lap for some attention!

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