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Ducks (the Correctional Facility)


Olaf, the white feathered, blue eyed duck, was purchased as an egg by someone who wanted a duck for the family. Once the family realized that a hatched and playful Olaf was more then they bargained for, Saving Grace was there to step in and provide a forever home. 


Humphrey, on the other hand, came from a home filled with ducks. So many ducks, in fact, that he was being picked on by his feathered friends. When Humphrey first arrived at the sanctuary, he had no feathers on his neck due to the bullying he endured. Thankfully, he has made a full recovery and is looking as handsome as ever!

Ernie & Sylvester

Like Humphrey, Ernie and Sylvester came from a local duck owner when they had trouble integrating with the rest of the flock.

Just because they have found paradise doesn't mean its always smooth sailing, though. Each duck has a distinct personality, and personal disagreements are bound to happen. That's why each of the sanctuary's ducks has its own private area, something we lovingly refer to as the "Saving Grace Correctional Facility".

Did you know? All of the ducks here at Saving Grace at flightless ducks. It allows them to be in an uncovered enclosure to enjoy the fresh mountain air!



Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.

Sylvester, a rescued duck at Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary in Acton, California


December 30, 2020 --  It is with deep sadness that we bring you the news of Sylvester's passing. He's been quite ill for a while and we did everything we could to help him fight. There was a brief time when we had thought we won, but sadly no. It finally became too much for him and he left us overnight. He was a very sweet guy and he will be deeply missed. Goodbye, for now, baby boy.

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