Meet Newton, Saving Grace's big, sweet, lovable horse!

Newton was a leased show horse for many years until his owners decided he was too old and wasn't useful to them anymore. Newton was scheduled to be put down until Saving Grace stepped in to give him a forever home.

When Newton first came to the sanctuary, he was scared and unsure of his new surroundings. After a few weeks, he bonded with Kathy, the founder, so much that he expected her love and attention with each mealtime. Welcome home, Newton!


April is the sanctuary's blind horse. Once upon a time, April was in training to be an "on the job" horse. When it was decided April wasn't learning quickly enough, she was hit in the head, leading to her going blind.

April soon found her way to the sanctuary, where she no longer needs to worry about anger and abuse. Due to her condition, she has her own private area, but she gets plenty of attention for sanctuary visitors (and an occasional visit from Tucker)!

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