While all animals at the sanctuary are ambassadors, Tucker might be a true mascot. Always one to get into anything, many of the doors and gates at the sanctuary have secure "Tucker locks" on them - T learned how to open gates a long time ago.

Tucker is also something of an escape artist. If you come to visit the sanctuary, there's a chance you might see him wandering free...


Who you calling short? Shorty is another of the sanctuary's rambunctious mini horses. Often found pestering the donkeys, Shorty is always on the look out for food. In fact, if you're slow with dinner, he might just let you know about it!

Rascal and Cloud

Rascal and Cloud share a shelter at the sanctuary, and you'll often see them buddying around even when they're allowed to roam free. One of the most striking features of the mini horses is there long mane, which (like all long hair) needs a good brushing every once and a while. Never brushed a horse before? Rascal and Cloud would volunteer to be your first!

COVID-19 Update: We are currently closed to visitors and volunteers.

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