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Meet the Animals

Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary is home to nearly 50 rescued animals of all shapes, sizes, and species!

If not saved, they would have ended up on someone's plate.

Cows, donkeys, & horses (mini too!)

Pigs, alpacas, & a tortoise!

Ducks, chickens, a rooster... & more!

Strut Your Stuff

Shop Saving Grace Gear

100% of the profits goes directly to support the animals at Saving Grace, paying for their feed, their shelter, their medical care, and more! Stay stylish with beautiful new hoodies, face masks, tank tops, & more!


Our Story

About Saving Grace

Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit farm animal sanctuary nestled in the foothills of Acton, California.

We created the sanctuary in 2011 after falling in love with a cow named Grace. We decided that we wanted to start a sanctuary and create a home where animals who would have otherwise suffered in the animal agriculture industry could live out their lives without fear.

We're dedicated to providing these animals a home where they can play, feel love, and live in peace.


Help Us Save Animals

How to Help

We couldn't do this lifesaving work without your support!


Whether you support us financially with a one-time or monthly donation to provide food and medical care, or you volunteer and help us improve the animal shelters, or you donate usable items that we can use to organize or build the sanctuary... YOUR help is what keeps us going.

So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all that you do.


We Love You

Thank You for your Support

Without the generosity of our beautiful community members this sanctuary would not thrive.

Because the truth about running a sanctuary is that is is incredibly expensive. Not just in the daily costs of feeding large farm animals, but also in the maintenance, health, and general wellbeing costs.

So thank you....SO MUCH. It is because of YOU that we can do this work.

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Create a Special Bond

Sponsor an Animal

Sponsoring opportunities start at just $10.

A thoughtful gift idea!


Save a Life

Rescue an Animal

We're sorry to say that we are unable to take in any new animals at this time.

Coming Soon!
Helga Flower Lap Dance.jpg

Come Say "Hello"

Visit the Sanctuary

Come spend the day with the animals at Saving Grace - Cuddles are waiting for you!


Get Your Hands Dirty

Schedule a Volunteer Day

We are currently welcoming (and so grateful for) volunteers on an individual or small group basis. We have opportunities of all kinds, so whether you're looking to really turn the day into a workout, or you need something more gentle, we can find the perfect place for you to provide help.

Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary

Special Insights

Saving Grace Blog

We've decided to start a blog! We wanted to give you special sanctuary insights, never-before heard stories, and other animal-related stories from our volunteers and guests... so that is our goal!

Stay tuned for fun, informative, poignant blogs coming your way soon.

Have a blog you want to contribute?

We would love to take a look! Email our volunteer to discuss.

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