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Meet the Cows

Frank & Gary

Joining Saving Grace in July of 2018 were Frank (black and white) and Gary (tan), the sanctuary's first bovine residents! 

Born in early 2017, these two young steers were part of a local Future Farmers of America program. After being lovingly raised by a young girl, they were to be put to auction and ultimately sold to slaughter. Thanks to intervention from a compassionate animal lover, the boys never made it to auction and eventually found their way to their forever home here at Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary.

Lovable and smart, Frank and Gary are the stars of all the sanctuary tours. Gary is the rambunctious brown cow, who is much different from his more subdued black & white best friend, Frank.


Come meet Frank and Gary - you're sure to never look at cows (or beef) the same way again!


September 2021 - We’ve welcomed a new rescue to the sanctuary; meet Bernadette!

This 4-month-old baby cow was rescued from a bad situation; so bad that when she was first seen she was eating plastic. And she was an orphan with no mother to nurse from, and as a result, was extremely underweight.

Bernadette was born on a farm where she would have spent her life without any shade, trudging through mud and manure. When her horns came in (or possibly before), she may have even been used in a rodeo, where she would have been chased, lassoed, and thrown to the ground as a symbol of... tradition? Can you imagine a rope being thrown around her sweet neck and choking her down to the ground? Slamming her body to the dirt for entertainment? We can't; she's just so gentle...

Our hearts are broken by Bernadette’s past, but so we are also so hopeful for her future.

The road ahead will not be easy. Bernadette is quite frightened of people. After the hard start to life she experienced, it is no wonder she is mistrustful. But as with all animals (including people) trust can be earned with patience and love.

And she can have that from us. We will gladly give it. In fact, we will be moving our backgammon games to her corral in the evenings so she may join, if she wishes, or just watch from a safe distance.

We’re unsure what her monthly cost will be at this time, however, we know the funds will need to grow as she grows. We’re estimating $125-$150 per month for her food. General medical care and other unforeseen circumstances would be in addition to that.

And so our hope here is that, once again, the Saving Grace family can come together to support this worthy little girl.


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