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Winston is the sanctuary's newest goat, who found his way to the sanctuary in 2018.

Winston came to Saving Grace by way of a neighbor, who called to say there was a goat trapped on his patio. When we found him, he was very thin and had a frayed rope around his neck. He looked to have been on his own for quite some time.

Now that he's settled (and well-fed) at the sanctuary, Winston has become one of our best ambassadors. Come by and say hi to Winston, and this talkative guy may even say hi back!


Meet Arthur and Vivien, Saving Grace's two angora goats. Arthur is a special needs goat who loves hanging out with his goat brothers. Arthur was born in a breeding facility and had been rejected by his mother. The breeder did not want him because he was "the wrong color". Around the same time, a neighbor of a backyard butcher had rescued another angora goat and didn't know what to do with her; she just knew she had to save her from slaughter. And so our dedicated board member, Beverley, arranged and executed this dual-rescue, and we are so blessed to have them. They quickly became loving residents of the sanctuary.


Meet Vivien, another angora goat. She was rescued at the same time, and from the same butcher as Arthur. She is shy, but loves to watch with those "old soul" eyes.


Batman joined the sanctuary with Niblet in 2015. Their origin story is a little different than most animals at Saving Grace, as they came from a loving home. When another local sanctuary needed to downsize, these two boys needed a new home, and the sanctuary's owner decided Saving Grace was the only place she would trust her beloved goats to.

Gone but Never Forgotten

Sadly, we have had to say goodbye to some of our sweet goat friends as they passed on and went to the rainbow bridge. They will forever be in our hearts.


Harriet (aka Harriet Z Schneiderman). She was a force to be reckoned with. She had an attitude like no other.


She was released to us because her owner no longer had any ‘use’ for her. We have no idea how old she was but we believe she was not young.


When she came to us she would have nothing to do with anyone, except with the sheep (Flossie) with whom she came.


With patient love and attention, Harriet finally came around. She is deeply missed.


October 8, 2019 • With tear filled eyes and broken hearts, today we said good bye to the amazing Niblet. He came to us (with Batman) six years ago and has filled the lives and hearts of so many.

He was a gentle, loving guy whose goal in life was to just get a good back rub. But he was always up for a snack! He used to love to sit up on the hill, in one of the many holes he helped dig, and just oversee the sanctuary.

He was really interesting when it came to any kind of photo or video shoot in the goat enclosure. Arthur and Batman would be right there in front of the camera, but Niblet seemed more interested in being behind the scenes. He would hang out with the director or camera person, overseeing the action.

His personality was bigger than life and his soulfulness enveloped everyone around him. We know that everyone in rescue understands what we are going through right now.

It seems with every loss, there is a feeling of ‘why do we keep doing this?’ The pain is so great. But then you look out at the faces that are still there and you remember that this is not about you.

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