Winston is the sanctuary's newest goat, who found his way to the sanctuary in 2018.

Winston came to Saving Grace by way of a neighbor, who called to say there was a goat trapped on his patio. When we found him, he was very thin and had a frayed rope around his neck. He looked to have been on his own for quite some time.

Now that he's settled (and well-fed) at the sanctuary, Winston has become one of our best ambassadors. Come by and say hi to Winston, and this talkative guy may even say hi back!

Arthur and Vivien

Meet Arthur and Vivien, Saving Grace's two angora goats. 

Arthur is a special needs goat who loves hanging out with his goat brothers. He was abandoned due to his condition, but he is well loved now that he calls Saving Grace home!

Vivien came to the sanctuary with Arthur, as she was also abandoned. She now spends her time with Harriet, Laurel and Steve in the sheep and goat enclosure her at Saving Grace.

Batman and Niblet

Batman and Niblet joined the sanctuary together in 2015. Their origin story is a little different than most animals at Saving Grace, as they came from a loving home. When another local sanctuary needed to downsize, these two boys needed a new home, and the sanctuary's owner decided Saving Grace was the only place she would trust her beloved goats to.

Come spend some time with Niblet (brown and white) and Batman (black and white) at the sanctuary!


Harriet, our short-haired female goat, who spends her days with Vivian the goat and the sanctuary's two sheep. 

She came to Saving Grace after being abandoned by her previous owner. Neglected in a backyard, Harriet deserved so much better. Now she receives all the attention she can handle (from both goats and people)!

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