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A Tortoise & A Pig

Frank N' Beans

Frank ‘n’ Beans were residents of the Widlife Way Station. When it closed down and all the animals were abandoned, we were contacted by Animal Control to help. Being so small there wasn’t much we could do but we asked who would be hardest to place and we would take them. It turns out it was a ‘couple’ – A pig (Frank/Francis Marie) and tortoise (Beans). The control officer told us that many people were interested in one or the other but not both. Because they were a bonded pair, there was a concern they would have to be separated.  That made the decision for us.

Frank(ie) is about 8 years old and has been with Beans her entire life.

Beans is about 36. He is a Sulcata Tortoise.


They have very different environmental needs and it is quite a constant challenge to make sure each is safe and comfortable.


Frankie is very protective of her ‘man’. If an unknown woman comes in the enclosure and attempts to interact with Beans, Frankie will literally chase her out. (It’s hilarious. Unless you’re the one being chased, I guess. )

The two are truly a couple. They have their little disagreements, they sleep together and spend most of their days by each other’s side

Help us feed and care for the this quarky couple with a one-time or monthly donation

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