Sponsor beloved rooster, Lucky, for just $10 for 1 month! This sponsorship helps to pay for Lucky's feed, shelter, protection, and snacks galore!


All sponsorship donations come with a downloadable 3.5" x 5" PDF that you can print and place into a card as a gift for a loved one, stick to your fridge, or display anywhere else.


Thank you for choosing to sponsor Lucky the rescued Rooster at Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary.! We could not do this lifesaving work without patrons like you; we truly appreciate your donation!


Lucky's Story: Lucky was rescued from a slaughterhouse by a courageous volunteer. He would have been slaughtered and ended up on someone's dinner plate had it not been for his bravem young rescuer.


Lucky has a distinct feature among the roosters here at Saving Grace - his upper beak has been trimmed. This painful procedure was done to keep him from pecking the other chickens he was confined with at the slaughterhouse. It's just one of the many cruel things that the agricultural industry does to animals in the name of convenience.​


With those dark days behind him, Lucky prefers to spend his days hanging out with his goat pals. You can often find him lounging with Winston. In the past, you would have found him challenging Niblet to a headbutting contest (Niblet has since passed away, but he always let Lucky win).

Sponsor Lucky the Rooster for 1 Month