Monthly care for our mini donkey, Grace, costs $137 each month, $55 of that being in food, and the balance covering her shelter, bedding, general veteranary care, enrichment, and more. With your shared sponsorship of this beloved Sanctuary resident, you can play a huge part in her daily joy and nutrition.


Thank you for choosing to sponsor Grace, one of the rescued donkeys at Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary! We could not do this lifesaving work without patrons like you; we truly appreciate your donation!


About Grace: Don't let her size fool you! Grace may be the "mini" donkey here at the sanctuary, but she likes to believe she's the big boss. She has no problem telling her brothers to stay in line, and she makes sure to let you know if you're taking too long to feed her.

Sponsor Grace the Mini Donkey for 1 Month (Full Sponsorship)