If you know Charolette Rose and George, you know that they became fast friends who are cared for as "house pigs". Feed for these rescues costs us $60 per month, and their overall care (including food, enrichment, veteranary care, and shelter) costs $150, so with your shared sponsorship for the pair, you can help to pay for all of their nutritious and scrumptious meals for for 30 days.


If you were here right now, they would be grunting and squeeling their praises to you! Remember to schedule a visit once you become a sponsor to meet your (sort of) little ones in-person!


All sponsorship donations come with a downloadable 8.5" x 5.5" PDF that you can print and place into a card as a gift for a loved one, stick to your fridge, or display anywhere else. Note: The download link expires in 30 days.


Charolette Rose's Story: Charlotte Rose is a potbellied pig that has quickly stolen the hearts of visitors far and wide! Her silly sounds and adoration for belly rubs make her a shining star at the sanctuary! She will run to visitors and introduce herself promptly.​When it is time for snacks and meals, rest assured that Charlotte will make her demands known with squeals and begging until her bowl is placed within reach with piggie-approved veggies and snacks.


George's Story: George, often called "Georgy Boy", was rescued in 2020 and is quite possibly the sweetest animal at the sanctuary! He has quickly wiggled his little butt into the hearts of many, and cannot wait for you to come visit (and maybe bring some veggie snacks?) so he can show you just how sweet he truly is.


Thank you for choosing to sponsor these rescued pigs at Saving Grace Animal Sanctuary! We could not do this lifesaving work without patrons like you; we truly appreciate your donation

Help Feed Charlotte & George the Pigs for 1 Month (Shared Sponsorship)