Bernadette is our newest rescue, and being so young with an unclear medical history, her exact care costs are not known yet. But we can estimate that she will be about $200 per month and, eventually, $275 per month when she is grown. These estimates include her food, shelter, general medical checkups, and more!


With your shared sponsorship you can be a part of Bernadette's life, forever.


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Bernadette's Story:

Bernadette was rescued from a farm that leases it's land to various people, many of which choose to feed the cows leftover produce and trash. The place is muddy... not a blade of grass in sight. When you're there you hear a buzzing from the electrical wires above and the small of onions rotting combined with excrement is almost unbearable. She was rescued by a young activist and brought to Saving Grace Farm Animal Sanctuary to live our her life in peace and love.

Help Bernadette the Baby Cow (Shared Sponsorship)