Having an animal sanctuary is a magnificent experience that we feel so blessed to be dedicating our lives to. Some days are full of nothing but joy, and other days we have to say goodbye to our rescued family... this page is where we will pay homage to our lost friends at the sanctuary.


Louisa, the gray bunny here at the sanctuary, is one of the sweetest animals you may ever meet (that is, if she's not feeling too shy for visitors). During the hot days of summer, Louisa and her bunny friend Tony spend their days in their underground bunny hutch, which stays a cool 75 degrees, even when its triple digits up above!


[April 17, 2020] Last night when Erich came in after putting the lower animals (bunnies, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks) "to bed" (which means feeding them dinner and securing them in their enclosures – which he does every single evening), he looked upset. He said “I have to tell you something.”

He said that when he was walking toward the aviary (where the bunnies and silky chickens are housed), there were several wild bunnies around the aviary. He said as he walked toward them they didn’t even move, which is unusual.

He went in the aviary and saw Louisa’s body underneath the bunny house. She had left on her own.

We held each other and cried. Today, the sanctuary seems very empty.

Good bye, for now, sweet Louisa-bunny.


[December 31, 2019] He was a magnificent being. He came to us when he was 19 years old. He had been a champion jumping horse. But because of the hardship to his body, eventually he could no longer jump at a championship level and he was ‘costing to much’ to keep. The people who owned him tried to give him away to anyone who would take him, but because he could no longer be ridden, there were no takers. He was slotted to be euthanized. We heard about him and took him right away; actually it was the day he was to be killed.

He was not very trusting when he came and shied away for any affection. He had been leased out to jump and never had someone love him. But with gentle persistent affection, it wasn’t long before he was in your face wanting love!

He loved to splash in the water bowls, completely emptying them. He loved to walk around his arena with everyone who would walk with him (off lead). He did ‘escape’ a few times and we found huge hoof prints all around the sanctuary… he was out visiting! He loved play with his buddies, the donkeys and Lola. He wasn’t real fond of the mini horses, so we kept them separate.
He was diagnosed with Cushing’s and as he got older, he loved to just stand with you. He loved to be brushed.

He had a magical aura about him. He was intuitive, loving and playful. He could look right into your soul. He was an amazing therapist. You could tell him anything and actually feel the love and compassion of his spirit.
He is deeply missed.

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